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  • We use Ergoline Sunbeds, the fastest & safest way to tan.

  • We request that you bring your own eye wear protection or you can purchase some from us. We will not let any one use our sunbeds without eye protection.

    We sell wink ease disposables for 50p

    Peepers/eye minis or eye lidz, ergonomically designed to fit the exact shape of the eyes eliminating tan lines and protecting from the UV rays, £3.

Facts & Advice

We offer many more benefits than just being safer due to a more controlled exposure to suntanning rays. Indoor suntanning is cooler than sitting in the “blistering” sun, as well as far safer in areas of concern for dermatologists. The privacy of a suntanning bed or booth allows more complete exposure to the benefits of the tanning rays, allowing a more even, golden tan than uncontrolled outdoor suntanning. Besides, there’s no sand to cling to your skin, and no insects to contend with.

Additionally, there is strong evidence according to Dr. Lewey, of the University of Oregon, that exposure to controlled Ultraviolet rays has a positive psychological effect for most people. A sense of well being and lessening of depression are experienced by many.

Physical and medical benefits are to be had as well. According to Dr. Zane Kime, author of “Sunlight Could Save Your Life”, UV Suntanning rays produce an effect similar to that of physical training, causing a measurable improvement in physical fitness. Also, he says that other benefits include: *Decrease in blood sugar and blood pressure and an *Increase in endurance, energy, and strength.

Please do not take this to mean you can get a suntan and then discontinue treatment of a medical condition. We are not doctors. However, your doctor may soon notice improvements in blood sugar, or blood pressure, and alter your treatment as a result of these effects of UV exposure.

In short, once you become as tanned as you would like to be, you will look and feel better. If you have specific questions about the medical or biological effects of suntanning, please ask. We’ll do our best to answer you, or refer you to a medical authority for an answer.




How UV Light Effects the Skin

Ultraviolet (UV) light rays have long been known to help the human body produce a vitamin D that is more useful than any found in our diet. Also, UV rays help regulate our body’s metabolism.

Your skin type will determine how well you suntan. Everything depends on how much prior UV exposure your skin has had, and on an inherited ability to produce the melanin suntanning pigment in large or small granules. Melanocytes (pigment producing skin cells) are found in about the same number in different skin types. More on this follows, but suffice it to say the if you can suntan outdoors then you can suntan at a salon.

Due to advice from knowledgeable employees and controlled exposures, salon tanning is less likely to cause the kind of overexposure that cause heath and beauty concerns. Even if you don’t suntan very well outdoors, a salon may be able to improve your success at getting a nice tan. Controlled exposures and proper skin care products may yield the best tan of your life.

One word of caution is in order when suntanning at a salon. Your eyes are susceptible to damage from being so close the UV lamps if you do not wear special eye protection. You must wear special eye shields that are certified to comply with strict standards regulating sunlamp products. Never tan without proper eye shields.