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  • We use Ergoline Sunbeds, the fastest & safest way to tan.

  • We request that you bring your own eye wear protection or you can purchase some from us. We will not let any one use our sunbeds without eye protection.

    We sell wink ease disposables for 50p

    Peepers/eye minis or eye lidz, ergonomically designed to fit the exact shape of the eyes eliminating tan lines and protecting from the UV rays, £3.

Benefits of Tanning

Sunlight is essential to life and tanning is a natural response to the skins exposure to ‘ultra-violet’ light.


‘Ultra-violet’ light can provide positive health benefits, both physical and psychological such as:

  • Alleviating the discomfort associated with Rheumatism and Arthritis.
  • With the relaxing warm effect of sun bed treatments this can also help stress and soothe muscular aches and pains.
  • Exposure to UV light helps to improve certain skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema and Acne.
  • Calcium deposition in bones is improved.
  • The production of Vitamin D3 is increased.
  • Tanning from a solarium does provide some limited skin protection against burning.
  • The main potential danger from ‘ultra-violet’ light arises from excessive burning, not tanning.


Sun beds provide a tan under conditions where, unlike in natural Sunlight, the individual UV exposure is controlled in 2 respects, specifically in order to avoid burning:

  • The proportion of UVB is lower than in natural sunlight.
  • The length of a sun bed session is limited.


Dermatologists have stated clearly that proper regular use of sun beds throughout the year is much safer than an annual 2 week sun-binge on the Costa Del Sol.

There is no proof that use of sun beds have ever caused skin cancer.

The concern of medical and scientific experts centres around home use of sun beds throughout the year, where there is no regulation.

Research in the United States of America claims that regular consistent tanning actually reduces the risk of the dangerous form of cancer Melanoma.


Wouldn’t you like to tan faster, get the darkest tan possible and keep your tan longer?

If you answered yes, then here is some information on why it’s so important to use a professional indoor tanning lotion.

  • Dry skin reflects UV, therefore you waste the first 7 minutes of your tanning session if you are not using a lotion. It will take you longer to build a tan with dry skin as it flakes off at a faster rate than well hydrated skin. Dry skin is also more susceptible to damage.
  • Replenishing the skin’s moisture during tanning and after is critical to building and maintaining a tan. Tanning without a lotion is like washing your hair without shampoo – you can do it, but you won’t achieve maximum results.
  • Indoor tanning lotions are specifically formulated to prepare the skin to absorb UV so you tan faster, tan darker and keep your tan longer.
  • Tanning lotions are more than just tanning lotions – they are specifically formulated skin care products. Not only do they accelerate your tan but they replenish vitamins & nutrients lost during the tanning process. Some tanning lotions also contain anti-aging and skin firming ingredients.
  • Tanning lotions boost your natural colour 60% more than without a lotion. Your tan will also last 60% longer than without a lotion.
  • Not using a lotion while tanning over time will cause the skin to thicken up, giving it a leathery look and feel.
  • You need the right product in order to tan. Tanning lotions are specifically designed for tanning – hence why they are called tanning lotions. Regular moisturizers are just that – moisturizers, they don’t contain any accelerators to help you tan faster, tan darker & keep your tan longer. You wouldn’t wash your hair with conditioner right? You need shampoo to actually wash your hair. So why would you use anything other than an indoor tanning lotion to tan with?



  • Outdoor tanning lotions & oils contain mineral oil (baby oil) which is a petroleum by-product. Mineral oil is a known carcinogen – meaning it causes cancer! Mineral oil is difficult for the skin to absorb; it clogs pores & slows your body’s ability to eliminate toxins. Because it clogs pores it can promote acne & other skin disorders. It also slows down normal cell development resulting in premature aging.
  • As with causing damage to your skin & body, outdoor products containing mineral oil also cause damage to the tanning bed acrylics. They coat the acrylic with a film much in the way they coat your skin – this only allows minimal UV to penetrate through the acrylic and into your skin which in turn takes longer for you to build a tan. Over time, mineral oil and other ingredients in these products not specifically designed for indoor tanning will breakdown the acrylics. These acrylics are very costly to replace!
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